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rick amato

Thank you for your comments Mark. I agree Jacob was a great guest. At the same time, I find it VERY fascinating to hear TJ Bonner reveal how little respect the Bush Administration gives his organization...and how poor the morale among BPA's are, as a result of the attitudes out of Washington. It gives an inside look in to the agenda and 'thinking' of the Bush Administration on the illegal immigration issue, and at the same time, their attitude towards border security. -Rick

Mark Owens

Hi Rick,

Great show on Saturday loved every minute of it. The immigration debate is just heating up and you guys touched the the key topics.

Mr. Bonner and the other government officials seems to repaeat the same "script" and are afraid of the upcoming legislation.

Your amazing guest, attorney Jacob Sapochnick, analyzed the topics in avery informative manner and his points were right on. I want to see him back and love to hear more views.

Great show once again.

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