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Tony Di Bona

It seems that the media has suddenly grown cold over any follow-up news or investigations regarding the incarceration of agents Ramos and Campeon. The pleas for pardon by our congressional representatives has not received one bit of hopeful reaction from the White House.

This is incredible!!

The public must keep the pressure on Bush to get off his Culo and do the right thing.

I have sent my pleas by every available communication avenue including regular mail. I have also sent these pleas to key congressional members in hopes of keeping the effort alive until we see these men reunited with their families.

I know you have always done your best on the air with many worthy causes and I ask that perhaps an occasional mention to the radio public may unleash a barrage of reason into Mr. Bush tiny brain.

Thanks for your voice of good reason.


This is a disgraceful tragedy against all decent caring Americans!!! The Democratic party and ACLU shall both suffer worse disgrace by their refusals to support honest fair proper justice for these decent citizens Ramos and Campeon!!!


It is tragic that two American heroes are in federal prisons for protecting our borders from illegals,terrorists, and drug runners. Ramos and Campeon should have been pardoned long ago. The sorry ACLU and their fellow travelers should be in prison for their unAmerican agenda.

janne carson

These people must be pardoned NOW. This is an example of a totally corrupt system. We need to march in the streets for this and much more that is wrong in america.

Robert Brooks

The Bush Administration is now showing it's true anti-American liberal colors. The next two years of Bush/Congress relations will be like fake wrestling...outward enmity but quite a honeymoon! Bush and Kennedy will get their immigration amnesty while making great strides to erode U.S. sovereignty with more so called "free trade" bills and the creation of the North American Union(i.e. merging the United States, Canada and Mexico). God how I miss Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and all the TRUE Conservatives that have become almost extinct.

Jonathan Isakoff

A pardon is correct. They deserve medals. The illegal had 762 pounds of marijuana in his van.

Joe RUss

I think a pardon is in order for the border patrol agents. The liberals are responsible for the mess at the border. Oh, Maybe most republicans are going liberal too.

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