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The Patriot

Our president has sacrificed his morals and our heroes for the purpose of the popular opinion (of the liberals). Every day, little by little, Bush is stepping further away from our flag and the values of our country. He is growing cowardly and will accept what the liberals or liberal Republicans tell him to do. If he had any back bone, he would have freed our heroes in the Pendleton Brig, Staff Sgt. Raymond Girouard, and any of our soldiers that have fallen under direct combat for the malicious media's rating usage.

Bush may be ready to turn his back on some of the bravest young men and women, who would willingly give his or her life for this great nation, than get "picked on" by the liberals and media. The liberals have made our president believe that all Americans hate him and what he's doing; sadly, he has been greatly mislead. Our country wants a strong president...even the liberals admired President Ronald Reagan.

Religion and politics aside, always, every single time, SUPPORT our American Armed Forces.


Faithfully Yours,
The Patriot
[email protected]

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